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About the department

About the Department

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is one of the first departments that was established at the start of work in the college in 2006, and it contains two divisions: Refrigeration and Air Conditioning and the Production Division. The Department of Engines and Vehicles was added in 2016. The Department of Mechanical Engineering graduates distinguished students in these fields, and the college grants a bachelor’s degree in industrial education in one of the mechanics specializations.

The Vision

Achieving scientific and technological leadership in the field of mechanical engineering from refrigeration, air conditioning, evaluation and production.

The Mission

Preparing and educating cadres specialized in the field of mechanical engineering and graduating qualified teachers and technicians according to the standards required in the labor market. These specialists are equipped with knowledge and skills and are able to develop and innovate, as well as compete in the labor market.

The Objectives

Providing advanced teaching programs to qualify students to work in the field of mechanical engineering.

Preparing creative and distinguished teachers and technicians who are able to lead educational and industrial institutions and have the ability to continue academic work.

Making relationships with industry in order to know and solve industrial problems.

Adding scientific expertise, experimental methods, the use of computer techniques, writing technical reports, and communication skills with others, and spreading the spirit of teamwork among students.

Focusing on scientific research and its role in community service and solving its problems, encouraging faculty members and students to take this aspect into consideration while providing what is needed to achieve this part.

Photographing educational programs to keep pace with the modern technological renaissance.

Contribute to the development of society by preparing and organizing courses, training and technical education.

Encouraging scientific research in the field of mechanical engineering.

Teaching and providing students with the skills of operating and maintaining equipment, machinery, and refrigeration and air conditioning devices, as well as learning the skills of diagnosing faults, solving production problems, and calculating thermal loads for different buildings.

The head of the Department

Dr/ Moataz Billah Hassan Muhammad