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Public Service Training Center “Operation Center and Technical Installations”

Board of Directors

The formation of the Board of Directors of the Center is issued by a decision of the Prof/ President of the University – for a period of three years as follows:

Prof/ University President

Prof/ Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs.

University Secretary General (Member)

Director General of Funds at Sohag University (Member)

Prof/ Dean of the Faculty of Technology and Education – Sohag University (Member)

Prof/Vice Dean of the College of Technology and Education for Community Service and Environmental Development (Member)

Faculty member from the Department of Mechanics (Member)

A faculty member from the Electricity Department (Member)

Faculty member, Department of Civil and Architectural Construction (Member)

7 assistant professor (member)

University Security Director (Member)

Objectives of the Public Service Center for Training Operation and Technical Installations Center

  1. Registering researchers and creating an integrated database that includes their personal data, educational qualifications, work experience.
  2. Providing data related to the national workforce in the labor market, including electronic linking with all units of the state’s administrative apparatus, private sector establishments.
  3. Guiding and instructing researchers to take advantage of available job opportunities in line with their academic qualifications and practical experience, as well as encouraging them to enroll in training programs to provide them with professional skills in accordance with the needs of the labor market.
  4. Follow up on policies and programs related to the employment of researchers in the public and private sectors.
  5.  Representing the university in regional and international meetings related to the center’s competencies in coordination with the relevant authorities.
  6.  Employing people with experience in related business through dealing with the center.

Functions of the board of directors

  1. Establishing the internal system of work and defining the terms and duties of the employees.
  2. Approving the rewards and production incentives for the employees of the fund.
  3. Examining the periodic reports submitted on the work progress of the center.
  4. Approval of lease and maintenance according to financial regulations and laws.
  5. Approval of the draft annual budget and final account of the center according to the rules.
  6. Approval of the nomination of national experts and temporary workers from inside or outside the university to implement some of the center’s activities, while adhering to the decree of the Minister of State for Administrative Development No. 24 & 25 of 1997.
  7. Setting financial rules to hold clients from inside and outside the university in accordance with the executive regulations of the Universities Organizing Law No. 49 of 1972.
  8. Establishing rules for concluding contracts for dealing with others
  9. Suggesting the acceptance of gifts and donations that are consistent with the objectives of the center.
  10. Delegating the chairman of the board of directors to some of the board’s powers of urgency, taking into account the provisions of Republican Resolution No. 42 of 1976.