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Industrial Unit Systems Support Center

The Mission

The center provides advisory services, research, integrated studies and problem solving in various industrial fields according to Egyptian and international standards, in addition to strengthening cultural and scientific ties with other universities and local, regional and national public bodies.

The activities of the center

In the field of tests:

Testing all building materials used in the construction or restoration of industrial units (building materials – metal materials).

Tests of materials involved in manufacturing work for various industrial processes.

Tests of the viability of industrial facilities for industrial works.

Tests of materials resulting from manufacturing work and their compliance with standards.

Design works:

Industrial design and planning work for industrial facilities

Design work for the infrastructure of industrial facilities

Design work for internal connections to industrial facilities.

Preparing technical specifications for industrial projects.

Planning work for industrial facilities to meet the requirements of industrial security and occupational safety.

Design and planning of industrial facilities to meet the requirements of environmental protection.

Studies of environmental pollution generated around industrial facilities.

In the field of inspections, consultations and studies:

Inspection and preparation of technical reports for existing and new industrial facilities.

Studies related to studies for industrial facilities.

In the field of supervision:

Supervising the implementation of industrial projects, infrastructure and manufacturing operations.

Supervising the implementation of industrial installations.

Supervising the implementation of the industrial security program in industrial facilities.

Supervising the training of cadres in industrial facilities in the field of occupational safety and industrial security.

Supervising the implementation of factories and the installation of equipment and machinery.

Supervising the implementation and installation of production lines in various factories.

The parties that the center deals with:

Community members wishing to establish industrial projects of all kinds.

Governmental agencies that intend to carry out the work of industrial facilities in the new industrial zones.

Governorates of the Republic to study the current situation or study the conditions for establishing factories and their environmental impact on the surrounding environment.

Research centers.

Existing industrial facilities for connections, industrial studies and training.

Contact Us

Address: Sohag – Al-Huwaiti – College of Technology and Education – Sohag University – Ground Floor


Phone number: 01000274429 – 093/24602001