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Graduation Projects

Graduation projects of the Architectural and Civil Construction Department 2017

1- The structural analysis project for private facilities.

2- Architectural design project for a national library in Sohag Governorate

Under supervision

Prof/ Abdel Rahim Farghaly

Dr/Mohamed Helmy El Hefnawy

Dr/ Amal Abdel Warith Mohamed

Electrical Department Graduation Projects 2017

1- Controlling the electric car

2- Hydrogen fuel cells and the use of hydrogen as a fuel for engines

3- A solar powered wheelchair

4- Solar tracker.

5- Control by Arduino of traffic lights, lampposts, and railway crossings

6- The smart tree

Under supervision

Dr/ Imad Al-Din Hussein Al-Zahry

Dr/ Ahmed Sayed Mohamed Ahmed

Graduation projects of the Mechanics Department of the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Division 2017

1-Designing and manufacturing a water heating and cooling circuit for different applications in heat transfer processes

2-Design and implement an adsorption desalination system

3- Performance of cells using cooling methods at high temperatures

Under supervision

Dr/ Mahmoud Salem Ahmed

Dr/ Ahmed Abdel Qader

Dr/ Ahmed Saeed

Graduation projects of the Mechanics Department Production Division 2017

The use of CNC machines in advanced welding

Under supervision

Dr/ Mahmoud Salem Ahmed

Dr/ Hossam Mohamed Abdel Rahman

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