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College Admission and Enrollment Requirements

College admission and enrollment requirements

The College Council determines, in each academic year, the number of new students that the college can accept in the first year of its majors, who hold the following certificates in accordance with the conditions and rules established by the Supreme Council of Universities:

Diploma of industrial secondary schools, the five-year system, and institutes for preparing technicians.

The diploma of industrial secondary schools, the three-year system, after passing the equivalency exam determined by the sector committee.

The general secondary school is scientific (mathematic), provided that their number does not exceed 25% of the total number of accepted students.

The requirements for student enrollment are the following: _

To pass the tests conducted by the college to verify his good professional fitness.

To be a good student at the college.

The distribution of students transferred to the second year in the various departments and divisions is according to what is decided by the College Council.

The college can accept teachers who teach (for a period of not less than three consecutive years) in industrial education, to join a program to qualify for a bachelor’s degree in industrial education.

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