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Students’ union

Students’ union

Student unions form from university college students to obtain a bachelor’s degree, and those who pay union fees. Foreign students who pay union fees have the right to practice aspects of the union’s activities without having the right to vote or be nominated.

Student unions aim to achieve the following:

  • Develop spiritual and moral values among students and provide them with the opportunity to express their opinions.
  • Spreading university spirit among students and strengthening the links between them and the faculty.
  • Discovering students’ talents, abilities and skills, and encouraging them.
  • Spreading and encouraging the formation of families and student cooperative societies and supporting their activities.
  • Publishing and organizing sports, social, scouting, artistic and cultural activities, and encouraging them.
  • Organizing the benefit of the students’ energies in serving the community.

The College Students Union Council works to achieve the goals of student unions through the following committees:

1- Families Committee

2- Sports Activity Committee

3- Cultural Activity Committee

4- Artistic Activity Committee

5- Public Services and Scout Committee

6- Social Activities and Trips Committee

7- Scientific and Technology Activity Committee

Union Committees

Families Committee: It is concerned with encouraging the formation of families and supporting their activities in all fields among them.

Sports Activity Committee: It is concerned with organizing and encouraging sports activities, forming sports teams, and holding matches and competitions with the aim of developing sports talents.

The Political and Cultural Activity Committee: is concerned with organizing aspects of cultural and media activity, developing awareness of the nation’s issues, consolidating the concept of citizenship and democracy, and developing students’ creative and cultural energies.

The Artistic Activity Committee: It is concerned with organizing the artistic activities of students with the aim of concluding their talents and refining their artistic creativity.

The Scout Committee and the Public Service: It is concerned with supporting the scouting movements, participating in public service projects, and implementing their programs to serve the environment and society.

Social Activities and Trips Committee: It is concerned with organizing trips and social camps, spreading the spirit of cooperation between students, faculty members and workers.

The Scientific and Technological Activity Committee: It is concerned with holding scientific seminars and lectures with the aim of developing scientific and technological capabilities and spreading knowledge.

Conditions for candidacy of student union councils

A person who applies for candidacy for membership in union council committees must meet the following conditions:

To have the Egyptian nationality.

To be of good character and good reputation.

To be a new regular student in his division.

To have paid the union fee.

He should have a noticeable activity in the field of work of the committee.

He must not have suspended his membership in one of the student unions or its committees.

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