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About the Sector

About the Sector

“The community service and environmental development sector seeks to emphasize that the college is a house of expertise through direct contact with industrialists and investors, studying the problems they face, and providing scientific solutions to them.

Organizational Structure

Prof/Youssef Abdel-Sabour Ahmed

Vice Dean for Environmental Affairs and Community Service 

The Vision

The college provides the best service to the surrounding community to develop and solve its problems through cooperation with its institutions.

The Mission

The community service sector provides aspects of community interaction to achieve the college’s mission in developing the environment and providing the best service to the community. ​

The Goals

The college translates its societal role by presenting graduates from all industrial fields and faces the problems of society by providing appropriate solutions to serve the community and develop the environment through:

Providing engineering and scientific consultations to entities, bodies and individuals.

Holding seminars and conferences.

Conducting life skills training courses.

Holding educational seminars and conferences in partnership with factories and productive institutions in the community. ​

Providing scientific solutions to environmental problems.

Monitor social phenomena to provide visions on how to correct them.

Comprehensive awareness of environmental risks, disasters and epidemics.

Searching for mechanisms to revive and support local industries, communicating with NGO and coordinating with them to provide social services.

Holding seminars to study environmental problems.

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