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Postgraduate Programs

Postgraduate Programs

The Sohag University Council, upon the request of the College Council, grants the following diplomas and degrees from the following scientific departments:

Electricity Department

First: Professional Diplomas in Electricity

Second: Postgraduate Diplomas in Electricity

Third: Master’s in Industrial Education

Fourth: Doctor of Philosophy, Industrial Education

2- Department of Mechanics

First: Professional Diplomas in Mechanics

1- Production.

2- Refrigeration and air conditioning.

Second: Master of Science in Industrial Education.

Third: Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial Education.

Study hours:

The student obtains the Diploma of Professional Studies if he completes all the courses for the Diploma of Professional Studies, and the number of hours is 18 credit hours from the fifth level, with an average grade point not less than C+.

The Diploma in Professional Studies is considered a completed stage and does not allow the holder to study for any other stage.

The minimum for studying the professional studies diploma courses is two semesters.

The maximum limit for studying the professional studies diploma courses is three semesters, and the duration of the qualification studies.

The required paperwork

The birth certificate (computer)

The graduation certificate

The certificate of appreciation

A copy of the ID card

Applications for admission from the Graduate Studies Department

6 recent photos 4×6

Military service certificate for males

Female Public Service certificate

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