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Youth Care Department



The Youth Care Department is one of the college’s organs, which includes professionals and specialists in working with university youth, and they have the ability to prepare these young people and develop their abilities. The services they provide are represented in activities: (social – cultural – artistic – families – science and technology – Scout – sports) student services (such as the Social Solidarity Fund and food coupons) registration Student families and participate in central activities, whether inside or outside the university.

First: Departments of Youth Care Department

1- Sports Activity

2- Scientific and technological activity

3- Cultural activity

4- Technical activity

5- Scout activity and public service

6- Social activities and student families

7- Student unions

8- Social Solidarity Fund

Secondly: Work team

Ms/ Azza Mohamed Mortada, Director of Youth Care

Prof/ Adel Mahmoud Rifai, Sports Activity Supervisor

Prof/ Mohamed Jamal Ismail, Supervisor of Scout and family activities

Ms/ Azza Mohamed Mortada, under the supervision of the Director of Care

Ms/ Enas Ramadan Allam, Supervisor of the Sports Activity

Mr/ Ali Abdel Nasser Khalaf the supervisor of scientific activity

Ms/ Asmaa Badawy, Social Activities Supervisor

Third: Objectives

Discovering the talents and creative abilities of students.

Encouraging students in activities.

Develop abilities and skills for students.

Emphasis on human values and the preservation of the principles of society.

Fourth: The services provided by youth Care to college students:

Providing aid to students who are unable and solving students’ problems.

Providing the recreational part for students and occupying their free time.

Developing the spirit of participation and students’ skills.

Developing the skills, talents and abilities of students.

Organizing summer and winter trips and camps.

Providing nutrition coupon in the university’s central restaurant for expatriate students.

Fifth: Youth Care Activities:

Activities Committees and Objectives: –

1- Families Activity: –

Discovering the talents and abilities of students.

Strengthening relations between students and their professors.

Developing the ability to cooperate and work in groups.

Developing the ability to take responsibility.

2- Sports Activity: –

Spreading sportsmanship among students, encouraging sports talents and working to develop them.

Developing students’ abilities.

Developing team spirit, sense of responsibility and self-satisfaction.

Helping the student to acquire individual and sports skills.

Creating social relationships and leadership qualities. 

3- Cultural Activity:Developing literary and poetic talents among students.

Developing the ability to write through wall magazines.

Spreading the spirit of cooperation among students and increasing their ability to work together.

4- Artistic Activity Committee:

Discovering and developing students’ artistic talents.

Developing students’ abilities.

Spending free time in a healthy and useful way through parties and plays.

Providing the opportunity for students to express their patriotic feelings through artistic works.

5- Scout and Public service:


Developing leadership qualities.

Organizing Guidance Committee on sound foundations in accordance with its principles.

Providing public services to the country by contributing to national public service projects.

6- Social activities and Excursions:

Developing the spirit and social controls among students.

Spreading the spirit of brotherhood and cooperation.

The cultural development of students through visiting the historical and tourist attractions in the country.

Providing the opportunity to recreation.

7- Scientific and technological activity:

Help students to achieve their goals and plans.

Developing their scientific awareness by providing them with scientific publications and magazines.

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