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Industrial Education College Library

Industrial Education College Library

The objectives of the library of the College of Industrial Education in Sohag:

The mission of the library is an integral part of the university’s mission, which is represented in higher scientific qualification and educational and cultural preparation to graduate qualified national cadres, and providing research services and acquiring programs, tools and materials that complement the educational process.

The objectives of the College:

  1. Providing sources of human knowledge to serve the various scientific disciplines at the university.
  2. Providing information and library services to facilitate search methods through its issues, indexes, bibliographies, guides and others.
  3. Preparing introductory programs for male and female students and faculty members about the services they provide and how to use the available information sources.
  4. Providing services to the beneficiaries by responding to inquiries and requests as soon as possible, creating the appropriate atmosphere within the library for study and research.
  5. Develop office systems in line with recent developments in the field of library and information services.
  6. Exchange of university and deanship publications with universities and scientific institutions at home and abroad.

Data on the library of the College of Industrial Education in Sohag

1- Library name: Library of the Faculty of Industrial Education – Sohag University

2- Library type: university

3- Address: Al-Noqrashi St., Building of the College of Industrial Education in Al-Hawiti

4- The year of establishing the library: 2006

5- Library working hours: from 8 am to 2 pm

6- The system of borrowing: internal borrowing and external borrowing.

Library Staff:

1- Ms/Sahar Muhammad, Director of the Library

2- Ms/ Maryam Nadi Razik, an employee

3- Mr/Abdallah Salah Mohamed – Worker

Library phone numbers:


2- Department of Scientific Theses

1- Master’s theses: 16 theses

2- PhD theses: 6 theses

The infrastructure of the Egyptian university network

  1. Training of human cadres in Egyptian universities
  2. E-Learning
  3. Management information systems

The Objectives of Digital Library:

The digital libraries project allows participation in the databases of digital libraries through the university’s information network and access to available information sources (electronic content of international journals and journals and international references (