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College Goals

College Goals

The college aims to continuously raise the level of industrial education so that it can fulfill its role in meeting the needs of the industrial renaissance and providing it with technical labor that can absorb modern technology.

The college works to achieve its goals by:

1- The integrated preparation of the teacher in the specializations of industrial education.

2- Raising the technical and scientific level of workers in the fields of industrial education.

3- Integrated preparation of trainers and leaders in the industrial education sector.

4- Conducting research and studies in the fields of specialization in the college.

5- Contribute to the development of technical curricula and methods of teaching in the areas of specialization in the college.

6- Exchanging experiences and information with Egyptian, Arab and international bodies and institutions.

7- Providing expertise and advice in the areas of specialization in the college.

8- Solve and develop industrial education problems.

9- Contribute to the service and development of the surrounding environment.